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Youth in Nairobi: Technology and Education

by Guest blogger

This blog was produced by Cherie Enns.  She is an educator (University of the Fraser Valley) and urban planner (Cherie Enns Consulting), who first moved to Kenya in 1970.  It is high time we stopped viewing our kids inflatable water slide young people as part of the problem and started cultivating their promise and potential. Let […]

M-powering the Millennium Development Goals and Beyond!

by Fernando Alfaro

Since 2000 the United Nations spearheaded a global partnership with the goal of reducing poverty and setting targets to be achieved by 2015. These targets are the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which represent a partnership between developed and developing countries.  This partnership is recognized by the contribution that developed countries make through trade, development assistance, […]

Information and Communications Technologies and their Promise for Development Education

by Guest blogger

This blog post was written by Iain Macdonald, a CCIB Solutions associate.  Iain Macdonald runs an industry training and capacity-building centre at The University of British Columbia, and has sixteen years of experience in the creation and delivery of training, education and capacity-building solutions in Canadian and international contexts. As a consultant, he has worked […]

Technology and social change. Kenya leads the way to mobile money.

by Fernando Alfaro

There has not been one day that I have not been amazed and excited about technology innovations. The world as we know is changing faster than we can manage. When I say the world, I mean the whole world.  Beyond smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, etc; emerging and creating new markets in developed countries, technology innovation […]