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Is Bolivia losing the opportunity for social and technological investment?

by Guest blogger

This blog post has been produced by Patricia Monje, CEO of ATIPANA and CCIB Solutions associate in Bolivia. Her career prior to entering the extractive sector included work in CARE Bolivia as well as Fundacion PUMA.  Está Bolivia perdiendo su oportunidad de inversión social y tecnológica? A pesar de que en los últimos años Bolivia ha estado […]

P3s in International Development Practice – Some Outcomes for the Sector – Part 1

by Tim Newson

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) are being increasingly recommended as an effective new approach to fund and manage international development projects and to meet the MDGs. In 1962, Thomas Kuhn wrote a highly influential book (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) on the philosophy of science.  He described how “routine” science dedicates itself towards puzzle-solving within a current paradigm or […]