Course overview:

To provide knowledge on Corporate Social Responsibility in the mining industry – what is being done and why it is important? To provide knowledge on best practices for the public sector to create partnerships with the mining industry for the delivery of sustainable development.

What you will learn:

The course will focus on the operations and impacts of the mining industry, corporate social responsibility and its application to the mining sector, and the creation of partnerships between NGOs and mining companies. These ideas will be delivered by experts through formal lectures, case studies and interactive sessions, providing course participants knowledge, new skills and the opportunity to exchange views with their peers.  Topics to be explored include:

  • The mining process and the mine life cycle
  • Types of mine and financial models
  • Mining and development (with examples)
  • Regulatory environment and governance
  • CSR and the mining sector: PDAC e3+
  • Key factors in successful 3Ps
  • Engaging with the private sector – networking and choosing a mining partner
  • Current CIDA context – lessons and challenges

Who should attend:

Donor portfolio managers in NGOs, program developers in NGOs, Executive Directors, Board members


1 day

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