CCIB Solutions is here to meet your needs. We provide a broad spectrum of services in Evaluation, Capacity Building, Project Management and Training Courses.

Project and Program Evaluation

Evaluations can be the most important part of a program or project.  They help you understand what is working and what isn’t, they enable you to plan for future interventions, they facilitate the gathering of data to make a case for continued support.  Evaluations may seem challenging and overwhelming, but we are here to help.

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Capacity Building

Capacity building can include a broad range of services.  Have you already identified the area or skill set you wish to strengthen?  If so, we can provide a cost-efficient and effective training session to meet your needs.  If you are unsure where the gaps are in your knowledge, we can also help you assess current organizational capacity and develop a plan to meet your needs.

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Project Management

Are you looking for specific project-related assistance?  Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the entire project management life Cycle.  In the initiation phase we can assist you to develop things such as business plans or feasibility studies.  In the Planning phase we can assist you with areas such as risk assessments, communications plans or project plans.  During the execution and closure phases we are happy to assist you with reporting, logistical support and change management challenges you may be facing.

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Training Courses

CCIB Solutions is able to provide you with courses that fit your needs.  Our objective is to support your company in it’s decision-making process and to facilitate learning and change.  Are you facing challenging governance issues?  Or perhaps looking to better understand community relations and what a program of that nature would involve?  Our courses are a combination of theory and practice based on years of experience from our team members.

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CCIB Solutions personnel have designed, managed, and evaluated projects in Latin America, Africa and Australasia.

CCIB Solutions personnel have expertise in sectors such as: primary education, gender, forestry, food security, maternal and child health, economic development, water and sanitation, microcredit, civil engineering, emergency response and disaster management, oil and gas, mining and corporate social responsibility.