CCIB Solutions will be an active partner with your organisation and your stakeholders to make sure that your social responsibility projects are achieving their goals and the goals stakeholders set out for you. We bring cutting-edge theoretical frameworks, logic models, and feedback mechanisms to bear on your social responsibility projects to maintain the engagement of your stakeholders and the benefit of your organisation’s efforts for all concerned.

We will also enable your organisation to fully, completely and transparently report your CSR efforts. Drawing from both globally-recognised reporting frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000 and from innovative mechanisms for reporting the value of your social responsibility efforts, CCIB Solutions will ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with your organisation’s reporting and that the values your organisation upholds are translated into value for all stakeholders.

Here are a few examples of things we can help your company achieve:

  • monitoring and evaluation design
  • design and development of logical frameworks
  • identifying community development models
  • implementing results based management (RBM) / asset-based community development (ABCD) / needs assessments / rights-based approach to projects as required
  • systems thinking and analysis
  • designing effective reporting practices

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