At CCIB Solutions, CSR is the foundation of how the companies and civil society organisations and NGOs we work with operate. We work to develop and rethink the values that organisations want to be known for and to demonstrate, and help construct objectives for companies and organisations in both particular situations and more generally as organisational policy. We also foster “buy-in,” making sure that all members of the organisation have the necessary resources to implement and adhere to these values. Values are the foundation of operations, and we make sure that values are what you will be known for.

Here are a few examples of areas we can assist you with:

  • strategy development and alignment with corporate objectives and positioning
  • integration of CSR and governance policies for sustainable growth, risk reduction and value generation
  • creation of systems for measurement, monitoring, benchmarking and reporting of CSR data
  • reporting strategy and report preparation
  • CSR research and analysis

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