Like any other value an organisation creates, the social values embedded in CSR need to be assessed, audited, and reported to the stakeholders and communities to which organisations are responsible. CCIB Solutions has developed a range of consulting options to help companies and NGOs evaluate CSR policies and programs and report on their successes. From internal assessments of employee implementation of value-based CSR policies to program-specific audits to the development of innovative reporting strategies that take the best of the major reporting styles and adapt them to reflect your values, we can help your organisation ensure that its values infuse its every action and word of those actions reaches the appropriate publics.

Here are a few examples of areas we can assist you with:

  • identifying what your organisation is already doing: gap analysis and self-declaration
  • data collection: key performance indicators and benchmarks
  • auditing systems: Plan-Do-Check-Act  (e.g. SA 8000, ISO 26000)
  • exploring the purpose of CSR reports: audiences, distribution and what to report on
  • drafting effective CSR reports

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