Rather than using ‘boiler-plate’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and applying them within different corporate contexts, at CCIB Solutions we believe in creating optimized tools for specific situations and organizations. Whilst current definitions and business cases for CSR (i.e. ‘what and why’) are generally clear, what we find most companies struggle with is the ‘how to do it’. Our consulting services are carefully designed to enhance company CSR practices that enable corporate delivery of social, environmental and human-rights goals at a community level .

We have particular expertise in the international mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors, and provide CSR strategies for companies to achieve and maintain the ‘Social License to Operate ’. Below you will find our full range of interconnected CSR consulting services, for companies to develop and implement holistic CSR frameworks that involve stakeholders from boardroom to community level.

CSR strategy and policy

At CCIB Solutions, CSR is the foundation of how the companies and civil society organisations and NGOs we work with operate. We work to develop and rethink the values that organisations want to be known for and to demonstrate, and help construct objectives for companies and organisations in both particular situations and more generally as organisational policy. We also foster “buy-in,” making sure that all members of the organisation have the necessary resources to implement and adhere to these values. Values are the foundation of operations, and we make sure that values are what you will be known for.

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Benchmarking, auditing and reporting

Like any other value an organisation creates, the social values embedded in CSR need to be assessed, audited, and reported to the stakeholders and communities to which organisations are responsible. CCIB Solutions has developed a range of consulting options to help companies and NGOs evaluate CSR policies and programs and report on their successes. From internal assessments of employee implementation of value-based CSR policies to program-specific audits to the development of innovative reporting strategies that take the best of the major reporting styles and adapt them to reflect your values, we can help your organisation ensure that its values infuse its every action and word of those actions reaches the appropriate publics.

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Community and country profiling

Helping your organisation understand the needs, demands, and cultural and legal frameworks of the countries where you operate is a crucial component of CCIB Solutions’ services. It’s not just understanding the basics of a country and its government. Community and Country Profiling services can help you map the entire social terrain where your organisation operates, from the government to the ground. Mapping the regulatory and legal framework, understanding demographic and cultural shifts, and the needs and assets of the country and community can help your organisation ensure that its values and sense of responsibility are easily seen in your operating context.

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Social License to Operate

We at CCIB Solutions believe organisational responsibility goes beyond the relationship between an organisation and its surrounding communities – entire sectors rely upon the licence to operate granted by the communities in the places they work. Our social licence to operate (SLO) consulting services work between your organisation’s values, the historical experiences of the communities in which you work, and industry standards and experiences to identify the best practices for building and maintaining not only your organisation’s SLO, but to ensure that the values of the entire sector are reflected in and through your work.

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Designing community projects

Utilising a fully range of assessment tools and the latest innovations in project design and sustainability, CCIB Solutions can help you design and manage CSR projects that will best reflect your organisation’s values and will satisfy the needs of the community where you operate. We draw from the best practices of organisations in your sector and of social development programs to ensure that all of your organisation’s stakeholders – from shareholders to employees, and from local governments to civil society organisations and communities – are actively engaged with your social responsibility projects. We don’t just arrange philanthropy; we ensure that you help build communities.

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Monitoring and evaluation

CCIB Solutions will be an active partner with your organisation and your stakeholders to make sure that your social responsibility projects are achieving their goals and the goals stakeholders set out for you. We bring cutting-edge theoretical frameworks, logic models, and feedback mechanisms to bear on your social responsibility projects to maintain the engagement of your stakeholders and the benefit of your organisation’s efforts for all concerned.

We will also enable your organisation to fully, completely and transparently report your CSR efforts. Drawing from both globally-recognised reporting frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000 and from innovative mechanisms for reporting the value of your social responsibility efforts, CCIB Solutions will ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with your organisation’s reporting and that the values your organisation upholds are translated into value for all stakeholders.

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