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The changing landscape for Canadian international development professionals – CAIDP 2013 conference

by Michelle Dupuis

The Canadian Association of International Development Professional’s 4th annual conference was held in Ottawa last week and with the changes happening in Canada’s development agency, a more timely set of panels could not have been put together (to learn more about these changes, see Top 10 news items about CIDA-DFAIT merger).   The presentations included views […]

Measuring progress in development

by Tim Newson

Embedded within each of the metrics is a different set of values and ideologies of human and sustainable development. Improving peoples’ daily lives is the raison d’etre for many endeavors, irrespective of whether they are initiated by private sector companies or international NGOs. Making a better ‘widget’ and helping people solve problems is the reason […]

Economic growth in development – how much can the private sector do?

by Michelle Dupuis

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development released a report entitled “Driving Inclusive Economic Growth: The role of the private sector in international development” this month.   The Minister of International Cooperation, Julian Fantino, recently gave a speech about this report at the Economic Club of Canada. The Committee should be […]