We are a growing and dynamic consulting company that provides services to all segments of the development cooperation and corporate social responsibility markets, to facilitate effective partnerships, increase capacity and improve outcomes between NGOs, the public and private sectors, local stakeholders and communities. We hope that while you are browsing through our webpages, you will discover our passion, enthusiasm and expertise for development work and our commitment to our clients.

The creation of Cross-Cultural International Business Solutions (CCIB Solutions) was motivated by our desire to improve the efficiency and sustainability of international development initiatives occurring across the world and to offer guidance to the private sector, who are beginning to play a much greater role in that development. Everyone working for CCIB Solutions has direct experience of the highs and lows of development work, and has acquired a clear sense of what does and does not work in the industry.

These webpages are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of our company and the broad spectrum of services that we offer to development actors and the communities that they serve, thereby facilitating effective partnerships that address global humanitarian and development issues. Our extensive knowledge of the nature of development enables CCIB Solutions to work effectively with our clients, to understand their needs, expectations and capabilities, and to offer appropriate technical insights and business solutions grounded in our understanding of the diversity of cultures.

We hope you enjoy touring our website and invite you to share your comments with us. We would also be very interested to hear from people who utilize our services and welcome any suggestions for improving the focus, delivery and range of our services.